Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Say cheese . . . .

I have this annoying habit. If there is a flat usable surface in my bedroom I will inevitably fill it with clutter. (Does anyone else have a floordrobe?) I tried tackling this problem when I recently redecorated my bedroom; I had a clear out of old stuff I don't need any more; less stuff mean less clutter right ?

Anyway, one of the things I now love about my bedroom is that I can display some of my old cameras.

This has made me want to run through all the cameras i own;

This is an old Kodak Brownie Box c. 1930, it takes 120 roll film.

This is an old coronet ambassador c. 1955.It takes 120 roll film and makes a 6x9 frame.

This needs no words really. A Polaroid camera. It's annoying that the only film packs avilabile atm are so expencive. 

This is an Olympus trip 35, a 35mm camera with a fixed lens.

This is my video camera. Its a Hitachi pocket camcorder. It has a touch screen and takes photos as well as HD videos

This is my sony a200. It's a 10 megapixel DSLR with an 18-70mm lens.

And there we have it, my little babies :)