Thursday, 20 September 2012

My Pocket Portobello Filofax

Soooooooo, I got into Filofax about a year ago when I bought an A5 Domino to use for my university work, but now that I've finished I decided to down-size to a pocket.

I got it on eBay for £14 including postage (Happy Bunny!)
I've had it for about a month now so I'm still working out what way I like having things.

I clearly love post it's and colour-coded pens. Oh and stickers! Stickers are good :)

It came with cream inserts, but I didn't like them so I bought these ones from Paperchase for £4.
I like writing things like appointments & work times in green. Tv show and entertainment in blue, other things in black and the orange number are how much I spent that day; if it has brackets I payed by card or paypal if not it was cash. I use post it's for to do lists and extra little notes.

The Domino now lies empty in a draw; poor thing.

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